Monday, December 29, 2008


As I gaze to the blue sky

I submerge myself into a sea of thoughts

My inner most self comes out and wonders

About life


Is life eternal? or is it finite?

It all depends on the legacy we leave

A part of myself sees

The other thinks


Life is eternal in all senses

In a basic sense that everything we do

Has a cause and effect

That’ll last forever


Life is a wonderful experience

All humans should appreciate it more

I hope to learn to appreciate it

Life is an eternal experience of causes and effects


What is to be eternal?

Eternal is to leave a legacy

That’ll last enough for your great-grand children

To see


Eternal means to be true to yourself

Eternal is to always fight

Eternal is to never give up

Eternal is your life and that of the neighbor as well


Eternal is my life

As with these mere words

The feeling I try to convey

My grand-children will someday see

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