Sunday, December 28, 2008

The World as I see it

The World is different to the eyes of any individual

It could mean thousand of different things and situations

The World to me is flat yet round at the same time

Round in the physical sense and flat in the emotional one


The World is big yet small

To some it only means their everyday life

To other it means a big round ball of experiences and love

The World to me is round yet flat and big yet small


The World to me is a round piece of yearn

Located somewhere in an Universe of spheres

The World is flat yet big and small yet round

That is the World to me


The World is where I live today

Where I’m writing this

A big ball of yearn somewhere in an Universe of Spheres

The World is my place


Love and hate happiness and sadness

Is what moves the World today

With all my sense I can perceive

The World to me is not the same for thee


The World to some is a lovely place

As to others is mere hell

The World to me is neither

As for me it is where I live


So, What is the World for you?

I don’t really know

To me it is the lovely place

Where I live today.

Copyright 2008 Augusto Santa Cruz

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