Thursday, January 29, 2009


A Beautiful Fate


Wind from the the most confine places

Gently touches my heart

In my body I feel the gentleness of your touch

Your sight over me makes me feel secure


Countless times in this solitude

I crave for your company

It is only thee the person that makes

My fate so beautiful


In the eons to come

Is with thee I want to be

In the eons to come

Let’s make our fate beautiful


Be by my side

Fight with me

Let’s make our future and beyond

Beautiful and Wonderful


Dedicated to the love of my life O. with whom I’ll always share my future and fate.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sixty Seconds

Hours pass by. Moments do not
Sixty seconds of life
Sixty moments passing by
As life goes on, life blooms

As Sixty moments pass by
Your life sits and watches
The moments of others pass by
Is there an end to life?

The answer is yet to be discovered
Life is a moment
Sixty seconds of life equals sixty moments to
Treasure in your heart

Sixty seconds can change your life
As you are sitting
Watching the seconds pass by
Sit and wait and those sixty seconds

Will never come back
Or do something
That will make those sixty seconds
The most important in your life

Julio Augusto Santa Cruz

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time Drops

A dream that never ends

A ferry’s wheel that never stops

A merry-go-round that never stops

Round, round, and round


The watch is ticking

Ticking 1, 2, 3, 4….

The watch keeps going

Life keeps flowing


A child is born today

Another died yesterday

Time drops

It’ll never die


The watch keeps ticking

As I walk the big path of life

Walking along the line of space and time

A child died and was born today


My soul dies everyday

Time drops

My soul was reborn today

Time fly’s by


Look to your side

Time drops

Your life goes down

A child might be born


Your soul might collapse

Time drops

You will surely die

Time comes, and goes


Time drops

Your reality persecutes you

You cannot escape

Time is what you still have


The clock is ticking

Will you realize it? or not?

Time is by your side

You either take it or leave it


Time drops will fall

All throughout as a calling

For you to do something

Something good with your life.

I, as a citizen of this World, condemn Israel actions against Palestine

I am outraged to the level of selfishness and inhumanity that Israel has shown towards Palestine citizens. When I say Israel I don’t condemn the citizens of Israel but its government, as I understand that many Israelis are against this pseudo-war in the Gaza strip.

If you happen to watch the live feed offered on CNN.COM you must’ve seen the horrendous crimes against humanity being committed by the Israel Government. I really hope this stops before it gets bigger, I don’t want another war. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF WARS, WE ARE AT THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA. PLEASE PRAY IN WHATEVER IT IS YOUR RELIGION FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD. ALSO, REMEMBER THAT BEFORE ANYTHIGN WE ALL SHARE SOMETHING UNIQUE IN THIS UNIVERSE, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. 

Friday, January 2, 2009

Where am I from?

This a question I often ask myself. I was born in Argentina, however my background is Portuguese, Italian, and Spaniard; anyways I don’t feel identified with any of those either. Although I was born in Argentina, I don’t feel from here either. Well, if you read this you must think I have a serious identity problem. Well, I don’t think so.

My feeling is that we shouldn’t be so patriotic neither tag ourselves with names of countries, because I feel a human being from this planet Earth, which is part of the Solar System, in a Galaxy called Milky Way (Actually Dwarf Sagittarius, however that’s another theme). That is my real identity, I’m a earthling and proud of it.

I wonder if people would realize such principle we would stop so many wars, and maybe have a different attitude towards the people that surrounds us. Here in Argentina people tends to be too proud of being Argentines however they forget that they’re earthlings as another 6 billion people around this beautiful sphere of water and earth.

Am I a crazy person? Well, I hope that someday we all realize this so that we can live peacefully under the same government, however by gov’t I mean a real ONE, that takes care of people all the same, and not just the powerful ones. This is still a rural planer, however we are all advancing, someday, someday it’ll happen, I hope to be alive to see it.

Monday, December 29, 2008


As I gaze to the blue sky

I submerge myself into a sea of thoughts

My inner most self comes out and wonders

About life


Is life eternal? or is it finite?

It all depends on the legacy we leave

A part of myself sees

The other thinks


Life is eternal in all senses

In a basic sense that everything we do

Has a cause and effect

That’ll last forever


Life is a wonderful experience

All humans should appreciate it more

I hope to learn to appreciate it

Life is an eternal experience of causes and effects


What is to be eternal?

Eternal is to leave a legacy

That’ll last enough for your great-grand children

To see


Eternal means to be true to yourself

Eternal is to always fight

Eternal is to never give up

Eternal is your life and that of the neighbor as well


Eternal is my life

As with these mere words

The feeling I try to convey

My grand-children will someday see

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where do you stand on Israel's response to rocket attacks on its territory?

Before reading my entry please refer to this article on CNN.COM

My personal opinion about this particular issue is that violence is never justified. You can ask me whether I think if Israel is justified by responding to attacks, well, my answer is No. However, Hamas group is even more responsible for the attacks against Israel. To me it all has started with a very basic topic that has lead to many wars; that in the end only benefits and aliments the egoistical interests of a few; that is RELIGION.

Religion views have caused many debacles in the World ever since the humans are humans. In the World we live today there shouldn’t be these kinds of rivalries for something that it is supposed to unite us instead of tearing us apart. No matter what religion one is in, we must respect others religions as well, along with their views. If we all would apply such principle we’d surely have more peace nowadays.

I wonder whether we as human beings have such capability. I mean, just listening to the other party talk and be silent without the need of saying anything. That is not accepting on my point of view, but rather respecting. At a not so large scale, at home, how many times our wives or husbands talk to us and we argue and argue all about it, just because we’re tired of the everyday life. My point is that if we want peace we must learn to listen and respect, also, that peace starts at home, we cannot pretend the whole World to be peaceful, if WE at home are always arguing.

In conclusion, to me this whole Gaza conflict is based on the lack of dialogue between parties. I am sure that if both parties leave their personal issues and interests aside and look for the people’s interests they can reach a peaceful agreement. However, we actually live in a World where the poor and middle class have no power, where Democracy in its original meaning is extinct. I, as part of the new generation, will for certain fight for a better World, so that my children and your children can someday live peacefully.