Friday, January 2, 2009

Where am I from?

This a question I often ask myself. I was born in Argentina, however my background is Portuguese, Italian, and Spaniard; anyways I don’t feel identified with any of those either. Although I was born in Argentina, I don’t feel from here either. Well, if you read this you must think I have a serious identity problem. Well, I don’t think so.

My feeling is that we shouldn’t be so patriotic neither tag ourselves with names of countries, because I feel a human being from this planet Earth, which is part of the Solar System, in a Galaxy called Milky Way (Actually Dwarf Sagittarius, however that’s another theme). That is my real identity, I’m a earthling and proud of it.

I wonder if people would realize such principle we would stop so many wars, and maybe have a different attitude towards the people that surrounds us. Here in Argentina people tends to be too proud of being Argentines however they forget that they’re earthlings as another 6 billion people around this beautiful sphere of water and earth.

Am I a crazy person? Well, I hope that someday we all realize this so that we can live peacefully under the same government, however by gov’t I mean a real ONE, that takes care of people all the same, and not just the powerful ones. This is still a rural planer, however we are all advancing, someday, someday it’ll happen, I hope to be alive to see it.

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