Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I, as a citizen of this World, condemn Israel actions against Palestine

I am outraged to the level of selfishness and inhumanity that Israel has shown towards Palestine citizens. When I say Israel I don’t condemn the citizens of Israel but its government, as I understand that many Israelis are against this pseudo-war in the Gaza strip.

If you happen to watch the live feed offered on CNN.COM you must’ve seen the horrendous crimes against humanity being committed by the Israel Government. I really hope this stops before it gets bigger, I don’t want another war. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF WARS, WE ARE AT THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA. PLEASE PRAY IN WHATEVER IT IS YOUR RELIGION FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD. ALSO, REMEMBER THAT BEFORE ANYTHIGN WE ALL SHARE SOMETHING UNIQUE IN THIS UNIVERSE, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. 

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