Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where do you stand on Israel's response to rocket attacks on its territory?

Before reading my entry please refer to this article on CNN.COM

My personal opinion about this particular issue is that violence is never justified. You can ask me whether I think if Israel is justified by responding to attacks, well, my answer is No. However, Hamas group is even more responsible for the attacks against Israel. To me it all has started with a very basic topic that has lead to many wars; that in the end only benefits and aliments the egoistical interests of a few; that is RELIGION.

Religion views have caused many debacles in the World ever since the humans are humans. In the World we live today there shouldn’t be these kinds of rivalries for something that it is supposed to unite us instead of tearing us apart. No matter what religion one is in, we must respect others religions as well, along with their views. If we all would apply such principle we’d surely have more peace nowadays.

I wonder whether we as human beings have such capability. I mean, just listening to the other party talk and be silent without the need of saying anything. That is not accepting on my point of view, but rather respecting. At a not so large scale, at home, how many times our wives or husbands talk to us and we argue and argue all about it, just because we’re tired of the everyday life. My point is that if we want peace we must learn to listen and respect, also, that peace starts at home, we cannot pretend the whole World to be peaceful, if WE at home are always arguing.

In conclusion, to me this whole Gaza conflict is based on the lack of dialogue between parties. I am sure that if both parties leave their personal issues and interests aside and look for the people’s interests they can reach a peaceful agreement. However, we actually live in a World where the poor and middle class have no power, where Democracy in its original meaning is extinct. I, as part of the new generation, will for certain fight for a better World, so that my children and your children can someday live peacefully.

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  1. Yes, you are right. It's always about someone's idea of a perfect world, and it has stucked in it's mind to make the world as it imagines, no matter what it is needed to be done...

    Shamefull, pathetic, this demostrates the lack of power that somebody has, because of the means it use to accomplish it's idea.